Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Magic Lands and Animal Safari

With the natural wilderness behind us we ventured into another wilderness, but these are made of buildings and people. We stayed in Los Angeles for a night and in the morning headed over to the LA Zoo.
All the animals here seem happy and we got some decent photos.

Watching for intruders

Surveying the group

 The only complaint about this place is the lack of signs and many maze-like paths. We got to feed a giraffe some leaves which was pretty cool.

Over all it was a nice day even though I lost the magnet we got from there....
We left the zoo and drove 30 miles away (which took 2 hours because of LA traffic) and arrived in Anaheim. This was a main destination because it was to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. We went to Disney World on our honeymoon so it seemed fitting to go to Disneyland this time around. So that night we explored Downtown Disney and bought some artwork for our apartment. We had to go to the Italian place there for spaghetti and meatballs (which was delicious though expensive).

 The next morning we were excited and got up early to be first in line at the first Disney park. First stop, Indiana Jones. I suggest you not ride this on a full stomach since it literally throws you around but it's still really fun. We rode our favorites like Pirates of the Caribbean and all the slow rides like Jungle Cruise. All the time I was building up the courage to conquer one ride I've avoided my whole life....Big Thunder Mountain. Aside from my wife laughing at me maniacally as I held on for life, it was really fun. Then we immediately got in line for The Matterhorn which turned out to be my favorite overall.
We went around taking photos of the park after some really good steak kabobs. I was anticipating some night shots of the park like these ones.
Matterhorn at dusk

Mad Hatter Tea Cups

Again the next morning we got to California Adventure early to ride Soarin. That ride messed with me since I'm not a fan of heights. Not too many rides for us so we just relaxed here and saw a really well performed  Frozen play. The highlight was the nighttime scenes and light show they put on.
Welcome to Radiator Springs

The two parks were decorated for Halloween

The next two days were spent in San Diego. First stop was Seaworld....nothing to say except you can skip this one and go to Orlando instead. The park seems bare bones in stuff to offer in comparison and the employees very kinda rude. We love the animals though. 
Fish breath

That night we went to the beach to see the Pacific Ocean and capture the sunset. The overall vibe is amazing. People are friendly and easy going compared to New England's beaches. I managed to take a couple decent photos considering the lack luster sunset.
Peaceful night on the beach

 For dinner I have to mention this little place that was beyond amazing. Divine Pastabilities is a must if you're in the area. They hollow out Italian bread and stuff it with your favorite pasta and it makes a sandwich type thing. I got lasagna and my wife got cheeseburger mac and cheese. We want to fly there just to visit again.
Our last day in San Diego brought us to the San Diego zoo. To say this zoo is big is a huge understatement. We spent 6 hours here and most of the time we had to just glance at the animals to make sure we saw it all. I manage a couple nice photos here as well. 
Playtime for the brothers
 That afternoon we drove to Joshua Tree National Park just at the sun was starting to set so we quickly drove through this almost unpopulated park to visit Skull Rock
Skull Rock
 We made it just in time before the sun was completely gone then hung out in our hotel till it got dark. I really wanted a milky way photo so I dragged my wife out into the desert in the darkest area I've ever seen. It's so dark you can see the milky way with the naked eye. But my camera can see better than I can as you can tell
Joshua Tree and Milky Way
OK long entry over. Now we move onto our journey home unfortunately. But it's a nice journey regardless.


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