Monday, September 4, 2017

Adventure Begins

I've been counting down the days since the chalkboard on our kitchen wall said "646 days". It's my routine, I get up, make my breakfast and lunch for work, trip over the cats and mark another day off the countdown. I've done this so many times there's a spot that's wearing away and becoming shiny. 

Tomorrow is the day my wife and I leave for a cross country road trip. We have been looking forward to this for so long it feels more like a dream than a reality. Honestly I know I'm more excited than she is. Once I have a goal I plan out every tiny detail of it until it's near perfect. While this gets on my wife's nerves when I ask where we should eat 2 years before we leave, I can't control it. When I'm passionate about something I go all in, "no half measures".

Our destination; California....well mostly. There's plenty of stops on the way and on the way back. But it's centered around the west. Neither of us have left the east coast. The furthest west I've been has been wherever 95 South takes you to Disney world. So this is mostly exciting to see things I've only seen on tv or online. My plan is to photograph as many places as possible. Did I mention we are driving? New Hampshire to California and back in 18 days. Some of those days include 14 hours of driving. My record is 16 hours and 43 minutes in one day. I'm hoping I won't break that record because that was pretty brutal. 

My camera bag is loaded, reservations are set, bags are packed and we are ready to go. Our trip consists of 7 National Parks, 5 zoos, 2 National Monuments and 3 theme parks. I will be posting detailed posts about each location with photos over the next couple months.

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