Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sorrow and Hope

I'll admit it, some days I think about quitting photography. Waking up early, getting bad shots, seeing photos by other people that seem infinitely better than your own can be very discouraging. This weekend was a prime example. 

Friday night I planned out driving to Bald Head Cliff in Maine. I figured out when the sun would rise and where in the sky it would be. The weather was great and I was excited to shoot a new place.
Saturday morning came and I got up at 4am and left the house within 8 minutes. Remembered my filters this time. So I set out on the 90 minute drive up to York, ME. I was making good time I thought. I got to Portsmouth and noticed something...brilliant orange and red light on the horizon. One big problem, I was still 23 minutes from where I was headed. So I got there as fast as I could without getting pulled over. I noticed as I pulled in that there wasn't as much color now. Hoping it might come back I sprinted the probably quarter mile from the parking lot to the extremely slippery rocks to where I wanted to set up. 

After 90 minutes of driving, running as hard as I could and getting really out of breath, there was hardly any color left. Just a small blip of what was a sky of fire 15 minutes ago. Needless to say I was really mad. Mainly at myself for not leaving when my cats woke me up at 3:30. But I shot this image any way because I wasn't about to waste all that effort. 
Bald Head Smoke

I love shooting sunrises and sunsets because I get to capture what most people don't see because they sleep in or don't want to drive 70 miles to see nature's beauty. But when it doesn't work out it's soul crushing. Not to mention standing beneath the hundreds of feet tall cliff really makes you feel small and insignificant. So I decided to try again the next day since the forecast showed a decent sunrise.
Sunday I decided to go much closer to the orchard that I visit often in Hollis, NH. I woke up and left earlier than I thought I should to be safe. When I got there the color was just starting to pop and I thought "oh no not again". Quickly I put my filters on and ran again to a nearby boulder and got an okay shot. Then I saw more color was coming, very fast. I ended up taking several shots but this photo was my favorite.
Renewed Hope

The lesson I learned was that even though things don't work out and you miss an amazing opportunity, doesn't mean you should give up on your dreams or goals. Opportunity comes more often than you think. You just need to keep going no matter what. There's the saying "what happens when you fall off the horse? You get back on". I could have done what my first reaction was and thrown my camera into the ocean. But what would have I learned from that? When things are hard just quit? No be stubborn, be determined and don't give up. 

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